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Hillcrest Craft Beer Crawl - Presented by Hillcrest Brewing Company


Get ready to crawl Hillcrest and learn
all about local craft beer.

But isn’t beer fattening…

Not if you buy your tickets early. You can buy them here. 😉

In all seriousness, we wanted to introduce San Diego’s booming craft beer community to the LGBT community. Maybe you’ve been too afraid to try beer because it’s a “bro” stereotype or maybe you don’t even know where to start. The Hillcrest Craft Beer Crawl will teach a few basics one can put into their wo/man purse to become a more well rounded craft beer fan. Who knows, perhaps you might be introduced to your new favorite hop along the way.

Just watch what our friends at Kings of the Craft have documented about the San Diego craft beer community.

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How the Hillcrest Craft Beer Crawl came into existence.

The idea behind HCBC came from Hillcrest Brewing Company’s Marketing Director, Lukas V. and their Assistant Brewer, Chris D. Before Lukas started working for the company he was pretty intimidated by beer. And craft beer, forget it. He might as well have been at a Charger’s game trying to explain what a wide receiver does for baseball.

Skip ahead a year or two after Lukas and he is now in love with all the hops San Diego has to offer. Lukas and Chris sat down and decided to breathe new life into Joey Arruda’s (HBC’s Owner/Bar Manager) baby crawl that started when HBC first opened four years ago. And so, the first annual Hillcrest Craft Beer Crawl was born.

2019 Participating Locations

Flicks1017 University Ave
Maestoso1040 University Ave Ste.b101
insideOUT1642 University Ave
HCBC - Hillcrest Brewing Company
Hillcrest Brewing Company1458 University Ave
The Brass Rail3796 5th Ave
HCBC - Baja Betty's
Baja Betty’s1421 University Ave
HCBC - Gossip Grill
Gossip Grill1220 University Ave
HCBC - Urban MO's
Urban MO’s308 University Ave

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this event 21+ ?
    • Yes, this is a 21+ event. A valid government issued photo ID is required to participate. No, we will not make any exceptions, even if you’re pretty.

    How will I know, if he… – oh wait, wrong song – …where to go?
    • There will be a passport guide book to direct you to the participating restaurants and a smartphone map (how fancy!)

    How much does the crawl cost?
    • $22 pre-purchase ticket includes a passport, mug and beer samples at the locations / $27 pre-purchase ticket includes a passport, mug, t-shirt and beer samples at the locations. Pricing increases by $3 the day of the crawl.

    How will I get around the crawl?
    • Walking is highly encourage as Hillcrest is a beautiful neighborhood and it should be enjoyed with friends.

    Do I have to pay at each location? Should I bring cointadas?
    • Your ticket cost will cover a sample of beer at each participating location. You should bring funds to eat out at one of the locations after the crawl. Locations will be offering specials for crawlers that evening. There will be amazing extras to purchase before, after and during, so appropriate funds are encouraged, though not necessary.

    How many tastings does the crawl include with entrance fee? If I want to buy more how much will it cost?
    • Your fee will cover a taster’s sampling mug (around 4oz) and a sample of one beer at each location. The restaurant has chosen their brewery and beer that they are presenting. If you want to buy additional drinks, you are more than welcome to stay at the location and purchase from the restaurant’s actual bar and tap menu. Each restaurant has their own pricing structure, so you are encouraged to click on their logos on this website and learn more about their menu and pricing.

    Isn’t parking in Hillcrest a b¡t¢h?
    • Sometimes. Click here to find prime parking.

    Will there be water along the way?
    • Yes. We encourage you to bring a small refillable water bottle. Stay hydrated and grab some water at each participating location, but let’s not go overboard, California is in a drought – Okurrrrrrr. You can also use your HCBC Crawler mug to get some liquid refreshment h20.

    Where does all the money go?
    • We first cover costs of production (shirts, mugs, printing, ect.) After production costs are paid, the rest of the ticket proceeds will go towards the HBA’s beautification funds.

    What if it rains?
    • It won’t. See.

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